Game Night

Here is a list of awesomeness available at Game Nite:

•Video games on a projector
•Bocce ball
•Playing cards
•Hooting & Hollering
•Other games of chance & skill
•Laco Taco barbeque treats (Open late!)
•Attempts at bar flare (unsuccessfully)
•Drink specials
•Serene ambient surroundings
•Ash trays (for discarded cigarette butts)
•New friends
•Little baby turtles
•& so much more!

Also, if you got a game you want to play and teach all your new friends bring it down! If you got homework to do, theres a quiet little corner tucked away somewhere for you to bust it out! Did we mention video games..?

$2 tecates
$3 well drinks til midnight
$5 margaritas
Late Night Laco Taco Grill


Wed, Nov 20 | 10:00 PM
La Cocina Restaurant, Cantina and Coffee Bar
21 and over
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