Heather Hardy "People Who Steal Really Suck" Benefit Concert

Heather Hardy's PA was stolen and we want to get her a new one.
So we are having...

Heather Hardy's "People That Steal Stuff Really Suck" PA Benefit Tuesday July 9th from 6pm-10pm

Bands: Greg Morton 6pm-6:35pm
Wayback Machine 6:50pm-7:30pm
Mitzi Cowell and Friends 7:40pm-8:15pm
Top Dead Center 8:30pm-9:05pm
Tony and the Torpedoes 9:15pm-10pm and beyond!

The suggested donation at the door is $10 per person but we are equipped to handle more.
We are trying to raise $1500 to replace PA and guitar amplifier.
A big thank you to David Fregonese and the Chicago Store on Speedway for giving us a fantastic bundle deal. The manager is Damon Barnaby, Asst. Manager is Kate Green.
Chicago Store on Speedway is located at 5646 E. Speedway.
Hope to see you all there.

Tue, Jul 9 | 6:00 PM
The Boondocks Lounge
donation at the door
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Heather Hardy

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