MaeDea w/The Missing Parts

MaeDea embraces the lightness and the darkness. Her vision comes from years of nightly influences and unseen forces. Feral music filled with banging fists, first kissed lips, cracking leaves, old dreams, hot nites, red lights,wild eyes and short goodbyes. An Uncompromising jangle of steel and wild flowers. Enthusiasm-selfexpression--through-poetry melody-fission-friction-thefirepeople. The Missing Parts are an acoustic trio from Tucson, Arizona comprised of violin, cello, and acoustic guitar. Our songs are true collaborations, spun from improvisation. Our mission statement is to entertain listeners, to guide sonic travelers on journeys to extraordinary soundscapes dotted with unexpected wonders, odd humor, and emotions both raw and refined.

Sat, Mar 16 | 9:00 PM
Solar Culture Gallery
Door: $
All ages
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