Japanese Bamboo Flute Shakuhachi by Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

Shakuhachi bamboo flute master, Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos and multi-instrumentalist, Chris Bernetchez combine forces in a new genre-bending atmospheric fusion ensemble that defies categorization. Japanese shakuhachi flute, wood and clay Native Style flutes of North America, agave didgeridoos, and much more! Kazemon (from the Japanese word, Wind Gate) is an exploration into space, time, and textures of sound. Deeply inspired by instrumental wind traditions from around the world and the spiritual quest, Alcvin and Chris, create sacred-spacial evocative sonic journeys using their flutes as well various gongs, singing bowls and percussion, vocals, and guitar for added texture and soundscapes.

Special guest this evening is local Tucson ambient electronic wunderkind, Nathan Youngblood.

Thu, Mar 7 | 8:00 PM
Solar Culture Gallery
Presale ($8.00) & Day of show ($12.00)
All ages
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Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

British Columbia Canada  |  World/New Age

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