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Bob Weir Solo Acoustic w/Jonathan Wilson

Tucson Critic's Pick …

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Hang out long enough with a bunch of Deadheads (you know, that group of concert-chasing, dope-smoking, tape-trading, VW van-loving, Woodstock Nation vagabonds, all of whom were forced to get a life after Jerry Garcia died) and you begin to wonder: Why even bother listening to anything outside of the Grateful Dead or their rich musical circle? The experience and the vibes can be that good.

OK, obviously not all of their fans are hippie caricatures. But when it comes to the music, and lord knows that after more than five decades of solo, group and collaborative side projects, there is a ton of it, it's no wonder the Grateful Dead experience marches on even though it's been more than 17 years...

—Jim Lipson

Wed, Feb 27 | 6:30 PM
Fox Tucson Theatre
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Bob Weir

CA  |  Rock

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