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Stunning Tonto Forever Album Release! feat. Simon Holmes w/HAIRSPRAYFIREANDGIRLS, Anakim, Fort Worth, Church Key, Garboski & F*** Yes

Tucson Critic's Pick …

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Every band on Stunning Tonto Records shared two goals: pursue their own music and pull together to help build the scene.

The longstanding punk ethos and do-it-yourself model that Stunning Tonto began emulating morphed into a do-it-together agenda, fueled by local pride and deep friendships.

Initially a discarded band name meant to convey legitimacy before there was any, Stunning Tonto came to signify a music scene that stretched to nearly a decade in Tucson, rock bands under a loose umbrella that displayed an endless, heartfelt enthusiasm for each other's music...

—Eric Swedlund

Fri, Feb 8 | 9:00 PM
21 and over
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Tucson AZ  |  Rock

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