gHosTcOw CD-release show w/ The Modeens & The Tangelos

Tucson Critic's Pick …

In troubled times, even the sky is blue.

For Tucson's gHosTcOw, it's an observation that guides an album that asks a lot of big questions, sometimes outward, sometimes inward.

"I'm not generally a dark person at all, but the last four years haven't been that good. It's a reflection of the people I hang out with and their viewpoints, malaise and struggles," says David Hall, the band's singer, songwriter and guitarist.

It's that ever-present why in the songs on Even the Sky Is Blue, gHosTcOw's second album, that gives the album such a cohesive thread...

—Eric Swedlund

Sat, Feb 9 | 9:00 PM
21 and over
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Tucson AZ  |  Rock

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